Jordan Donaldson

IT Professional & Enthusiast


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References are pulled from recommendations I've received on my LinkedIn.

Stephen Rogier

IT Support Engineer I, Amazon

Jordan’s a very talented individual with an appetite for technology. I am truly amazed with Jordan’s ability to work with customers and help them work through their problems. That’s a skill not so many have these days. I enjoyed working with Jordan on networking projects and troubleshooting the network infrastructure. He is not only well versed in Windows but Linux as well. Jordan has alway been willing to learn new things and take on new challenges.

Austin Foltz

Maintenance Technician I, Spectrum

I highly recommend Jordan for any IT infrastructure role/IT manager position your company may be offering. Jordan and I have worked at both Kmart and Bascom Communications. At Bascom I was fortunate enough to witness the workplace skills he possesses as well as the achievements that were met daily, short-term and long-term. He has all the skills necessary to help lead a team of knowledgeable, hard working and efficient individuals. Jordan is very passionate about all jobs he holds and will do anything it takes to learn, develop a skill for, or master the role he is given.

As an individual, Jordan was a pleasure to work with as he was both pleasant and professional at the same time. He gained the respect he deserved from his fellow coworkers and his superiors. Jordan is someone you can go to for any question and if he doesn't know the answer he will get you one as quickly as time allows. I would describe him as a dedicated and enthusiastic individual who has a great penchant for meeting deadlines. Jordan is a highly motivated and well accomplished multitasker who has ensured the efficacy of many projects.

I fully recommend Jordan for the position you are acquiring for as I am positive of his ability to accomplish the most complex of work.

Gwen Ross

Business Development Professional, Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County

Jordan Donaldson is a priceless coworker. Calm, strategic, fun, focused, depth and breadth of knowledge = these are all rarely found in a teammate such as Jordan. He is always seeking to learn, willing to help others and takes on additional responsibility without being asked (strong and consistent initiative).

Jordan is the true "go-to" person, no matter the team or task at hand. He provides answers to superiors/management, while remaining humble. Jordan is trustworthy; when appropriate, he is the first to say "I'm not certain, but I will find out." He delivers. For this reason, people on his team (and across the organization), whether peers or management go to Jordan constantly. Jordan's willingness to help those even outside of his team or department is unmatched.

To say that Jordan goes above and beyond is an understatement. His intelligence is excessively high; his ego is none. He is a kind, considerate, collaborative team player that will always carry more than his fair share of the work weight.

I have been privileged to work at a variety of companies, from small privately-owned companies to Fortune 50. The A+ list of colleagues I have been blessed to work with is relatively small. Jordan is on that list.

Jacob Barnard

Software Engineering Lead, Amplex Internet

I worked directly with Jordan for two years and cannot speak highly enough about him. Jordan consistently strives to produce quality and competent solutions to RF and networking challenges which are open, scalable, and technically sound. He possesses an excellent ability to adapt to changing work environments and truly puts his heart into researching and implementing new technologies that will create better solutions for stakeholders and customers alike. He always came to work with an attitude to succeed and was an absolute pleasure to work beside.

Kathy Baugher

Outside Plant Designer, Amplex Internet

I worked with Jordan Donaldson at Amplex Internet for about 2 years. While we were under different departments, we had to collaborate on projects from time to time. Jordan was always easy to work with, and could consistently find a way to explain technical details in easy to understand terms. His approachable attitude made him the go to person to seek help from. I also saw him work in this same manner with all associates here, no matter what their role with our company was.

Steve Acton

Technology Coordinator, Hopewell-Loudon Schools

Give Jordan a task and he does it with little or no supervision.